Gmail to upsert module

Hi, I am creating a scenario for a little CRM I am building in Airtable.

Currently I have a base to track interactions with contacts. The record names are the email adressess

I want to update the record when a new email is sent to an address that already exists.

I created a scenario with the following modules.

Watch Gmail. → to pull all emails sent
Search Airtable → to look for the records that have the same email as the receiver in GMail.
Upsert Airtable → To either create a record with that email or create a new record if that is missing.

The proble is that the output of the search module comes empty. But I cannot seem to find the problem in the formula.

Hi @Felipe_Saucedo
You can apply the formula as follows:

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Hey, thanks it worked. I don’t know what happened I had the " first and them removed the,

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