Recording Emails to Airtable (add to Long Text Field, keep previous info)

I’m trying to build our own CRM for our organization using Make, Airtable + Gmail (NB: we use Superhuman on top, so extra points if you know how to use Superhuman rather than Gmail here).

In short:

  • When an email is received or sent from [inbox]
  • Find Airtable record within table with matching email address in “Email” field
  • Copy message from email
  • Paste it into an “Email Notes” field [NB: I would really prefer NOT to have a separate interactions database].
  • Also: a) if it needs to get pasted into the “Comments” sidebar, that’s fine. b) We need to retain the previous info from within the “Email Notes” field, rather than overwrite it.

Current Set Up Below… any suggestions would be much appreciated, am very new to all of this.

Hi @benjmnjn
The Update module will replace the field value with the new value. To prevent the removal of existing values, retrieves the previous value from the search, combines it with the new value, and then updates the field accordingly.

In the example below, the current data for the name field is fetched from the search module and the new value is appended to it.


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