Airtable: Create multiple entries with static / dynamic data (array) and merge them?

Hi all,

Here is the scenario:

  1. I got data from a form (JotForm) with a static mail address and a multiselect field:

So the email is a normal field, the multiselect comes as Array:

Now, in Airtable I want to create one Record with this email and the data from the multiselect. Should Look like this:

In Airtable I have a multiselect field for the array data.

Now the Problem:
How can I add the Record with the static email and the array in the airtable I thought I have to somehow write the static email in airtable email field. in the same modul, in the same runnig automation I have to somehow iterate through the array and ad the data “on the fly”.

Maybe I have to chage the airtable field type? May to a text field?

With the Iterator Module I got 2 Bundles our of the Array. So maybe there is a way to merge the data in the airtable module.

Some kind of:

  1. Create Airtabel Record with MAIL and ARRAY DATA 1
  3. Create Airtabel Record with MAIL and ARRAY DATA 1 + increment+1

Thank you much

Sometimes it´s easier then we think. I overcomplicated things.

Here is the whole automation:

In the Variable i use JOIN Fuction to make a string out of the Array. Then, in the Update Module from Airtable I use SPLIT function.

Et voila:


not needed anymore. Thank you much.



Heya :wave:

When solutions are simple, it’s simply awesome, isn’t it? Great work figuring this out on your own! :clap:

Also, thank you very much for jumping back in here and sharing your final setup with the rest of us. This could be super helpful to many others looking for similar info :pray:

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