Airtable CRM Challenges

Hi Folks,

I hope this message finds you well. I’m currently facing an issue with setting up email tracking in my custom-built Airtable CRM.

Here’s a breakdown of the problem:

  • Objective: I’m trying to configure our CRM system to track every email sent from my email account to a Prospect (listed in Table A). The scenario is set to run every 15 minutes in Make/integromat. Upon sending a new email, the scenario should track the email and create a corresponding record in the linked Interactions table (Table B)in Airtable.

  • Specific Issue: Despite setting the variable with today’s date, I’m encountering an error with the formula. The formula doesn’t seem to recognize the date variable I’ve created in the Set Variable module, even though the format matches the field setup in Airtable. I’ve tried using the “today’s date” variable with and without quotes, but the issue persists.

Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 11.32.16 PM

  • Error Message: The error message states that the formula for filtering records is invalid (Error 422), prompting me to check the formula text.

I’ve double-checked the setup, and everything seems to be in order based on my understanding. I’ve also tried putting quotes around the Todays Date variable in the Airtable Search Records module. However, I’m unable to resolve the error on my own.

Could someone please assist me in identifying where I might be going wrong with the formula? Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

From what I can see, you have put quotation marks around the date M/DD/YYYY in your variable value formula inside the variable module. Try removing them and then test it to see if it works. You can just run the Variable module independently, and you will see the result.

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