Airtable error: Function 'getSchema' finished with error! Cannot read properties of null (reading 'type')

From yesterday i am having problems with ALL my schenarios in make.
Actually schenarios which worked perfectly some days before

Every airtable get record and search record modules return the following warning

Function ‘getSchema’ finished with error! Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘type’)

I realized that this happens when i use airtable columns ID. When i change this flag the module works but all the mapping from this module got broken

¡I cannot change the mapping of every single schenario, one by one!!! And the schenarios worked perfectly before!! Any idea on this? Anyone is having the same problem???

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@Tengo_Teatro :raised_hands:

Hi there! I’m an AI that answers. It sounds like you’re having trouble with your scenarios in Make. It appears that you’re getting an error when using Airtable columns ID. I understand that this is causing your mapping to break and it’s a lot of work to fix it one by one. Can you please provide more details about the steps you have taken, relevant screenshots, and any links you have? Exclude any personal information. We’ll do our best to help you out!

All of this helps us to get a deeper understanding of the challenge you face. :make:

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This is the entire schenario. It receives a webhook from airtbale, get the record “attendee” and then get another record “event”

The event is downloaded in this module using Columns ID

I used same schema a bunch of times in some other schenarios before with perfect results

Now, I am get a warning

Thanks for the help!!!

I am running this module only and the same error

Same error in all the schenarios.

This schenario for example worked perfectly 3 days ago, and nothing has been change from then.

I am contacting make cause i am pretty there is any mistake on the backend. Is No one having the same troubles??? :cry:


@Tengo_Teatro Are you sure all the variables you are putting in the Airtable “Get a record” module, have the correct data type? Seems like you are also using an Array and such.
To debug / test out the module; use hardcoded values instead to see if it works with the same data but then hardcoded.

Same Issue yesterday at 13h50 in an upset record !!!

i fix the issue in my case → Switch off Use Colum ID

Yeah!!! But the problem is that i got more than 50 schenarios. If you switch off the use of column ID, the module works perfectly, as you say, but you have to readapt every single module following this one.

I got a lot of schenarios sending confirmation emails with a lot of variable data in them! This solution would be unaffordable to me!!!

Oh! My! I am pretty nervous… never thought sucha a great tool would be so unreliable


I am so sure! This schenario worked perfectly two days ago… and it has been working perfectly for a month.

Something happened in the backend yesterday

What is weird to me is that just one people had the same troubles

i think airtable change fields ID…

What do you mean???

I dont know what is going on but all my company releis on my schenarios…

This is so seriuos to me! Hope someone of make can read this and help us out

I cant do anything but wait, but the consecuencies are going to be so bad :cry:

if you switch off all the module, your scenarios are broken ?

if i switch off the use id ID column, i must redo the mapping of all the rest of the modules because they dont read correctly the data. I have to change each dynamic data one by one.

Unaffordable right now!!!

There is a warning about it

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-27 at 7.09.37 PM

Just assumed that i have to stop the marketing campaign and lose mucho money :frowning:

Hope someone from make reads the ticket and help me out

I’ve run into a similar issue (we are seeing the same error message) when we switched the ‘Use column ID’ setting from No to Yes.

This is a fairly recent feature that Make added (as far as I can recall), and so we have hesitated to use it too much before really testing it, and sure enough there appear to be some issues with it right now.

However, if you are worrying about having to change & update ALL of your scenarios, I do not think it creates errors in all scenarios. So you may only need to change the scenarios that are throwing errors (and if some haven’t run yet, I would try to test them, but you probably already know this)

For myself and our team, we will not be using ‘Use column ID’ for new scenarios until it has been properly tested, and we know where we can trust it and where we cannot. And hopefully the Make team can continue being awesome and make some updates to remove my paranoia :grin:

Two quick updates here:

  • The ‘Search Records’ module doesn’t work at all when ‘Use Column ID’ = Yes. I have had 0 instances where it did not throw the “function ‘getSchema’ finished with null” error
  • ‘Watch Records’ does work, even if you specify field names in your filter function (or if you specify a view as a filter):

Hi all,

This is Michal from :make: Product Team. I am sorry you are strunggling with our Airtable app. We are aware of this issue and are currently testing the fix. It should be released early next week the latest.


Thanks God!!!

That is what i need to read!

Hard week this one!!! Eveything is a chaos on my side:-(


Thank you @Michal_Make!

I just wanted to check in on whether this fix has been tested and deployed (I have not tried to test it myself yet).