Airtable -> Instagram Carousel (help with multiple images)

I’m building an instagram autopost automation from a social media planning on Airtable.
For individual posts and video’s this works, but I’m having trouble with Carousel posts (multi-image).

Basically I have an Airtable form where multiple users can submit social posts. When the submission is put on “publish”, it will be picked up by this automation. Every 15 minutes it checks for posts that can be published (by post date/time). Photo post and Reel post are fine, but I’m struggling with Carousel posts and how to handle multiple images.

For the instagram setup you can add multiple pictures (up to 10). I can add them one by one by using get(imagearray;N.url). But if I add 5 this way and someone wants to upload 3 images, it fails by having an invalid 4th and 5th image.

Can I dynamically map this Array so that is can support anything from 2 to 10 pictures? Sorry if I’m doing this entirely wrong, I’m a beginner here and I couldn’t find the answer in the community yet.

Full flow:

Image settings Instagram:

Hi Roy,

don’t add items and map them separately in the Create Carousel Post module, instead map the entire array in the Files field. You may need to restructure it to match the format Intagram expects.