Build carousel Instagram posts from Airtable


Wondering how to connect more than one photo for a carousel post when I only have one URL?
Right now it’s posting the same photo 5 times. (Even though I only have 4 photos in the Airtable post.)
You can post up to ten photos on instagram but I’ll be posting different quantities up to ten so how do I tell it to only post the amount of photos in each Airtable post?

Photo of my scenario attached.

Any guidance is much appreciated!

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I don’t have access to an Instagram business account, but I’m sure it’s similar to what I’m doing with Telegram as I’m sending an album:


To build an array of items you’ll need to set the names of the fields of each image (in your case you need “Media Type” and “Photo URL”), then use an array aggregator to build the array for mapping:


Amazing thank you! I had emailed their support last week and she also got back to me with screenshots on how to fill out the array. I’ve almost got it now. Thanks again!