Airtable module doesn't parse the correct time using the {{now}} variable

I am using an Airtable module to create a record and passing the {{now}} variable in a field. I’m trying to pass the mere date-time value, therefore I inserted only the variable itself without edit the output.
In the created record, though, the value has always time 00:00:00 and it’s very clear comparing the field with the automatic field created_time that Airtable records (see below the raw output)

Here’s a screenshot of the value:

Here’s the raw output, where you can see the data_richiesta field with time 00:00:00 and the Created field with the correct time:

        "nome": "18324",
        "deliveryNote": "3648578150",
        "ordine": "18324",
        "data_ritiro": "2022-04-28",
        "ldv_inviata": [
                "id": "att1WNXDnVdjDhFgl",
                "url": "",
                "filename": "spedizione-18324-3648578150.pdf"
        "courier": "DHL",
        "stato_ordine": "completed",
        "tipo_spedizione": "export",
        "data_richiesta": "2022-04-26T00:00:00.000Z",
        "Created": "2022-04-26T13:15:26.000Z",
        "id": "recPUsKV2WGNCVNDm",
        "createdTime": "2022-04-26T13:15:26.000Z"

How should I pass the date to Airtable? Why doesn’t it pass the {{now}} value correctly?

What type of field is it in Airtable? What kind of formatting do you have? Are you using a Date field-type?

In Airtable is a Date field, and since the shown output fill correctly both fields, Created and data_richiesta, the format should be correct. I don’t change the date format from Make to Airtable.

In fact, here below you can see input and output of the same operation:

            "fldLFbmUfg9FDuOFO": "processing",
            "fldXjsnXSgRwxalF8": "2022-04-26T16:01:21.755Z",
            "fldbdv09EiXFcDhMW": "18404",
            "fldhWhLood7jMuUMy": "import",
            "fldmV2heV3dsR0DbU": "2022-04-28T16:01:05.821Z",
            "flduAxHoZ5S0lKRou": "18404"


        "courier": "DHL",
        "stato_ordine": "processing",
        "tipo_spedizione": "import",
        "data_richiesta": "2022-04-26T00:00:00.000Z",
        "Created": "2022-04-26T16:01:22.000Z",
        "id": "rec94tBcKBfA9iOvG",
        "createdTime": "2022-04-26T16:01:22.000Z"

The field data_richiesta (ID fldXjsnXSgRwxalF8) is complete in the input (with time) and has time set to 0 in the output. The Created field, autogenerated, has the correct date and time that should be the same has data_richiesta.

To be noted: in Airtable, both fields have the same date/time setting.