Airtable - multiple linked/primary fields syntax for updating record

Hi All,

I am having frustrations with Airtable linked fields.

I have an airtable base with links between the primary field in one table repeated as a secondary field in other tables…

I have been able to get a single linked record to appear using a make scenario but haven’t had any luck updating/creating a record with several primary field records. The above have been entered manually.

I have a Plant/facility Info table which has all the information about each plant/facility. This links to an Invoices table. For each invoice I may have mutiple plants/sites covered by that invoice.

I can get the raw data from a Pipedrive deal in text format “Site 1, Site 2, Site 3” - I then need to search in airtable for the records to get the record ID for each Site. I think I have this ok.

But how do I get the record Ids all into a single field into another table and get airtable to recognise these? What is the correct syntax in Airtable’s “Update a Record” Module?

Thanks in advance guys!

Does anyone have any suggestions?

What I understand is you have multiple linked fields in a single text field and you want to pass it to the airtable record so that It can identity as a linked coloum just like you shared the screenshot above for test Number coloum. Which have multiple link fields.
Let me know if I get it right?


Thanks for replying! That is correct :grinning:

Sounds good.
I hope all values in a text is combined by comma, e.g 12222,727727,627727,526
So you goto airtable update module and you can click on Map and down it use the function

This will make string into array and map all of them


Ok - thanks so much I will give this a go! :+1: