Router and airtable - splitting an input record into multiple output records

Hi there,
I’ve got a trigger from google sheet to implement an airtable.
The table in airtable has a couple of “link to another record” field, so I use routers to send the worklow directly to the final step if the linked record is already existing, or instead to first create the new linked record and then go to the final step.

But even if the fields have the same configuration both from the source and in to the output fields, I get 2 different behaviours:

  1. In the first case, the records (like “BENI - Sanità, Ricerca e Welfare”) are correctly stored as one entry in the target airtable “linked to another record” field
  2. In the second case, the records (like “Sanità, Ricerca e Welfare”) create a first airtable record correctly named, but without any linked record, and then they generate multiple records with the text separated by the commas, and they link the records (please take a look to the screenshots for a better understunding).

I believe this behaviour is NOT coming from my airtable, and the two target fields have exactly the same configuration.

The starting fields from google sheet have exactly the same format (text).

The 2 different “create a record” steps in Make have exactly the same configuration…

Where am I wrong…?

Digging it, I found in the json that the 2 different field are mapped differently.
The right one:
“name”: “Tipologie”,
“spec”: {
“label”: “Record ID”
“type”: “array”,
“label”: “Tipologie”
“name”: “Name (from Tipologie)”,
“type”: “array”,
“label”: “Name (from Tipologie)”

The wrong one:
“name”: “3”,
“type”: “text”,
“label”: “Settore (D)”

But in the Make workflow they look exactly the same. How can I switch the wrong field to an array…?