Airtable Search Records Formula does not Output Bundle

Hello Community,

I’m encountering an issue with my Make scenario and could use some assistance. Here’s the problem I’m facing:

I have a filter condition set up in my Make scenario to identify records based on their publication date and time. The condition is as follows:

AND({Postdate} = "{{formatDate(now(); 'DD-MM-YYYY')}}", {Postdate} = "{{formatDate(now(); 'HH:mm')}}")

This condition successfully identifies a record, it does not output any fields from this record, the output bundle appears empty despite selecting the fields for output.

However, when I use the condition IS_SAME(TODAY(), {Postdate}, 'day'), which checks if the publication date falls on the same day as today, I get the expected output with all the fields intact.

My problem with this approach is that if I have multiple posts scheduled for different times during the day (e.g., one at 7AM and another at 9AM), both will be processed at the same time in the scenario, potentially causing issues with the order or timing of actions.

Could anyone help me understand why the first condition is not producing any output, even though it correctly identifies the record? I’ve checked my field mappings and ensured that the fields I want to output are selected, but I’m still unable to resolve this issue.

Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance.

PS.: I used the search but wasn’t able to find a similar post. I am sorry if I duplicated the topic.

Are you sure the Airtable formula field works when there are newlines in the formula?

I would try it with no newlines.

Also it looks like your formatDate function is not formatted correctly.

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Thanks for you reply.

The new lines is a Safari “thing” i think.

Here is a Chrome screenshot:

The reason for the DateFormat is that my Airtable has a European Date Format field. As i said before, it works, but partially (see screenshot)

The problem is: i get 0 bundles in the output field.
Thanks again

Edit: just tried with YYYY-MM-DD. Same result!

There should be a semi-colon ; after the now variable, followed by the format before the closing bracket ).

Currently there is no semicolon and your function closing bracket concludes before the date format, hence it is not working.

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