Airtable <> Shopify - Images won't sync

I have an airtable database with product inventory and building an automation to create a product for every new record in airtable.
I got everything to work for the most part, but for some reason can’t get the images to be created in Shopify.

I tried to use the array aggregator too but still no luck.

Can someone please help?! What am i doing wrong? What’s the best way to map or sync images from AT to Shopify? THANK YOU!

Hey @Vick !

Without Screenshots it’s a little hard to see what you already tried and how your scenario is built.

Maybe this will help you:
When creating a product images in Shopify, you will need to provide the Product ID and the Image Data (So not a URL). For that, you will need to download the image-Data from airtable first.

So what you will need to do for every Image File:

  • Download The Image Data from Airtable
  • Use the Shopify “Upload a product image” action to upload the Data you just downloaded. Remember to provide the Product ID from creating the product when uploading the Shopify Image.

If that’s what you’re already doing, it would be great if you could provide more screenshots and / or error messages, so that I can help you.

If you have any more questions, just reach out. :slight_smile:

Christoph Gerl
Funkenwerfer Process & CRM-Automation


Thank you! I got it working! In case someone else has a similar issue. Here is the scenario.

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Hey @Vick ,

Great, that you could solve it! If it helped you to the solution, you could mark my answer as the solution, so that for the future people will know that this is solved :slight_smile: