Upload photos (from URL on airtable) to shopify

I am working on an automation to upload products from airtable to shopify. My product images are in the form of URLs - they are stored on airtable. I have about 20 images per product. I’m currently fetching the image via HTTP but realised just to import images it costs 20 operations per product.

Is there a way to upload images directly to shopify via the URL instead of using the HTTP fetch function? Shopify does allow image upload via src and I’m not sure how this can be set up.

Or is there another way to reduce the number of operations with photo upload?

Welcome to the Make community!

It seems like the only way to do that via Make is one operation for downloading each image file and another operation to upload that image.


Otherwise, you can consider two other manual upload methods to do that, as described in this Shopify forum thread.


Hey Elaine - did you solve this yet? We’ve got Airtable to Shopify image uploads built out in existing solutions, if you’d like a quick walkthrough of it, give us a shout via messages and I will get you a Loom sent over :wink: