Getting Images from Printify in URL Form to Shopify in Data form


I am trying to create a Shopify Product from a Printify listing. I need to get the Printify images in the URL form to the Data form so I can upload them to Shopify.

I am having trouble with the Get a File HTTP module. It is outputting the images I need in separate operations. I need them in one array. I have tried Aggregating them and Iterating them. If I do not get them into one Array when I connect the Shopify module, it creates five separate products instead of one with the five images I want.

I have included screenshots and the blueprint.

Thanks in advance.


Create Shopify Product.json (268.2 KB)

May peace be upon you @rthidden

What errors are you seeing when using the aggregator to combine the 5 images from the HTTP module ?


Hello @Automate_with_Rezwan, thank you.

I am not getting any errors. It is just not giving me output in a way that is useful. I need to figure out how to get useful output or make the output I am getting useful.

This screenshot is coming from the HTTP Get a File Module. Notice how I get five separate operations as if I have 5 HTTP modules running. So, when those operations get sent to Shopify’s Create a Product Module to upload the images, five separate product listings are created instead of the desired single listing with five images.

I prefer to get similar output to what we see coming from the Iterator with five separate bundles in one operation rather than five separate bundles like we see coming from the HTTP Get a File Module.

I can map each bundle to an image spot on Shopify’s Create a Product Module when the output is five separate bundles.

So, I need to either get the HTTP module to give five separate bundles or a way to consolidate the five separate operations I am getting now down to one operation with five bundles.

The Shopify module needs the images in Base64 instead of URL form. Otherwise, I’d have been done with this part days ago. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time.

I found a solution. I create the product, run the iterator, get a file module, and then Upload Product Images to Shopify. It worked like a charm.


Hello there @rthidden :wave:

What an impressive solution! Congratulations on solving this problem on your own.

Also thank you very much for keeping us updated and sharing your thoughts here. We appreciate it.

Keep up the amazing job! :muscle: