Automate image upload for Prinitfy

Hello all,
I can’t believe that this is as difficult as it seems… I’m sure what i’m trying to do must be quite common.
I’ve a load of images that i want to use in a flow to create products in Printify.
i have no problem creating images with an ai generator like Dall-e and then uploading them etc. that all works fine.
But i can’t find a way to get images that i have saved as .jpg files uploaded. I’ve tried with the images in google drive and in dropbox… and either referring to them with the .jpg names or with a url for their location.
I’ve tried using the http-get-a-file
I’ve tried saving a url to the image in a google sheet and starting there
Generally the http-get-a-file module does grab the correct image url. However it then outputs a file like this:

and Printify then doesn’t like the file format…

I’m pretty much out of ideas… I’m likely missing something obvious… but what?

TIA for any help you can provide! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I had a similar problem when trying to create a product in Printify. All fine uploading to Printify (using URLs). I could see the images under ‘File’, but the mockups were all blank.

I worked out that it was because my images were all square, but the Printify print provider I selected was for rectangular images. Printify can’t print a square shaped image to a rectangular frame or vice versa. This might be your issue too.

Basically, check to make sure that the print output matches your image input shape, i.e. square, horizontal rectangle or vertical rectangle. Printify can’t create the image if these don’t match.

Hope this helps