I'm trying to figure out how to upload images available on google drive, local pc, or onedrive to printify

i’m not sure how to go about doing this, should i build a google sheets document with the URL for each document? I’m having trouble querying google drive / onedrive under “find files”.

basically, i’ve been able to download images from midjourney, and I have the files downloaded to my onedrive / google drive / local pc. At this point, I wanted to build a query to reference these files, and then upload them to printify as products, but my query is yielding 0 results. I’m confused, and the google drive query reference documentation isn’t really helping me much

so the flow i have so far is:

google drive document with reference to what the picture is about → openai chatgpt prompt to create a random Artist name → open AI chatgpt prompt to come up with product description → **** this is where i get stuck, in the past i used DALL-E, and had the URL to reference, but honestly, the quality of the images is pale in comparison to Midjourney… so i’m trying to find a way to use google drive / or one drive.

any help would be greatly appreciated. THanks,


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