Issue uploading images to Google Drive

I am getting issues when uploading images from a previous HTTP API call.

The data returned is binary. When it uploads to Google Drive it does not display in the Drive correctly, and therefore doesn’t create an image URL that I can view and add as a field in Airtable.

Here are the settings for Google Drive file upload -

The images can be viewed if I download them locally. They also work if I upload them to Dropbox. However, I have a different issue with Dropbox that I can’t create a share link with files I uploaded using

If anyone has a resolution for either the Google Drive or Dropbox issues I have; or if you have another solution where I can turn an image binary data to an image URL so that I can add that to my Airtable database then I would love to know :slight_smile:

Hello nice to meet you .

Have you tried to add toString(61.Data) in GDrive module when you get the data from HTTP module?

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance.


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No this didn’t work, it caused more of an issue and uploaded as a binary file. What does the output of the HTTP module look like?
What kind of API call are you making there to get the file?

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I am having this issue too! Anyone have a solution? I’m trying to upload files from Airtable to GDrive but they’re not able to be opened in GDrive.

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