Struggling uploading an image from google drive to OpenAI

Hi makers! Desperately need your advice.

The task is to take an image from a google drive, send it to GPT and get a description in the return. GDrive - download file and GDrive - Get shareable link give me plenty of data, but I can not understand what to do next, how exactly can I upload that jpeg to GPT to process it.

I’m stuck. Thank you for your help!

Hi kaidano,

If I well understand, you want to download your image in Make, and then get a description with GPT.
So I upload a picture in my Google drive, its name is Screenshot 2023-11-08 085732.png
In Make, I used the “Google drive” module: Download a file, with the following settings:

Then I run the module, and I get a quite big bundle:

The picture is in the variable data (in yellow in the picture above), you can use this to feed GPT.

Hope this helps,



thank you! yes, you’re right. there was another problem. GPT didn’t want to it that field unless it was encoded to base64

How did you solve this encoding problem?

Maybe with the function base64()…

Yes, with base64(data) function, you’re right! And huge JSON (my brother, who is 80lvl super elf helped me with that Sorry for the delay with the reply.

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Hey there @kaidano :wave:

Here’s a round of applause to you for solving this with the amazing assistance of @Philippe_Billet :clap:.

Also thank you very much for keeping us in mind and coming back here with this valuable info. We truly appreciate it :pray:

Keep up the great work!