Convert binary to base64 string to image

I am making an API call to an image provider that returns a binary string, I then want to convert that to a base64 and then download that as an image.

Here is my workflow -

The 1st step http API call returns a binary code -

The 2nd step I convert it to a base64 (This is returning a correct result as I have checked the image in a base64 image display) -

The 3rd step I am trying to download the image to Drive -

The 3rd step is failing, I am not getting them returned

What are you getting in 3rd step? It seems like the data is uploaded properly to Google Drive. Can you access the image in GDrive and see if the image is rendered correctly there?

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I resolved the issue. I kept the data as binary. However, Google Drive doesn’t display the image and is causing issues downloading into airtable. I can only view the image if I download it to my computer.

I am getting a better result uploading the image to Dropbox.

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