Trying to store an image with Airtable

I have an image that is available on the open internet, it can be downloaded and viewed not problem.

Using the Airtable create or update method, I am trying to upload the image as an attachment, the update of data that I am posting works, e.g. a description, the URL of the image and other fields it all works just fine.

The only problem is that the image at airtable does not seem to be safe. I also put the URL into another filed just so that I can make sure the URL itself makes it to airtable, that worked as well.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
I was able to upload the image to google drive and to google cloud store all fine.

Hi @LaLaLandJack ,

Could you add a screenshot of the output bundle of the module 10 (displaying the content of the array “Response.Image URLs[ ]”)?
There is another interesting answer here, the “Get a file” module will download the image from an URL.



Here’s the screenshot of the output bundle.

The get file won’t work since that writes into a buffer, but Airtable needs the file’s URL.

Have you tried to use each element of the array Image URLs (e.g., Response.Image URLs[1]) for feeding file URL ?


Yes, the image URL itself makes its way to Airtable. to test that I put it into another field that just captures the URL itself.

Could you precise your problem, the sentence “The only problem is that the image at airtable does not seem to be safe.” needs some explanation?


The issue is that when sending the file to Airtable in the attachment field, then Airtable does not attach the file and it is not available there, despite the fact that the file was sent.

Thanks a lot, it is clear.
There is an interesting post here.

You told that you already stored your image in a Google drive, maybe you could use this drive as an image database (this way you’ve got your own link to the images) and use Airtable to store the link to these images.

Hope it helps.



Thank you for your suggestion. That I have working already.

That said, the purpose of Airtable is to create a product database with attached images (in various sizes, etc.) Airtable supports this out of the box, however it simply does not work when sending the URL to Airtable.