Airtable attachments and Google Maps image

I have an Airtable data set of addresses, and I want to add the map of those addresses as an image.

Airtable supports Attachments as a field. On Make, I’ve used the Google Maps Static API to lookup a map, it returns a filename string and the image data.

I’m not sure how to go about storing that image as an attachment in Airtable. Anyone have experience with Airtable attachments? Or with taking image data and passing it to other modules in Make?

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Hi @Anonymax,

Airtable requires an URL as part of the attachment, that is publicly accessible for the attachment to work. What you can do is upload the retrieved image data to Google Drive and then upload the resultant URL to the Airtable attachment.


I’m struggling a little bit. I use Box currently, and the Upload a File module works fine, but I cannot get the URL to share into Airtable. It always seems to result in a bad URL.

I don’t have access to so not sure whether it is possible but from the API document it seems like you generate a Download URL.

As I mentioned previously, for the attachment to work, The URL you are passing to Airtable should be a file location link and accessible to download. I think the Download URL for should do the trick.

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So it seems that after having Upload a file, it’s, necessary to also run the Create share link module so it generates a sharable link, which can then be used in later steps.

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