How do I upload a file to the attachment field in Airtable with Make?

  1. I am creating a Google Document from a template

  2. Next, I am using the download a Document module to download a PDF of the document I just created.

  3. I am deleting the google doc created in the first step because I don’t need to keep the Google Docs version of the document just the PDF.

  1. The problem that I have is I want to add the PDF saved in my google drive to the attachment field in Airtable.

  2. My first thought was to upload the PDF to my google drive and then add it to the Airtable attachment field.

6a) When I look at the attachment field in the Airtable module I see two options one is to click the “Map” stitch and I am shown one field where I can map a value from previous modules.

Make 4

6b) The Second is a place where I can expand the field and map a File URL and a file name.

Make 5

  1. In both of these cases I don’t know the value that Airtable is expecting to receive, or where I can find that value. This is the question that I have what values do I need to give Airtable so that it will show the PDF image will show up in the linked record field. See the image below for an example of what I want.

Air 5


Not sure if this is best practice but it should work.

Use a HTTP get module to download the file from Google - then pass the downloaded file to Airtable.

That’s how I have been doing it - but going in the other direction, from Airtable to Dropbox / Box

Hope that helps

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The output of the HTTP Get File module is Data and File Name but the input for the Airtable attachment field is file URL and Filename.

Make 6

My bad. Of course you’re right.

Did you get it working?

You just need to pass the URL to Airtable. Airtable Downloads the file in the background.