Airtable Not Recognizing Downloaded Google Doc

I’ve created a Google Doc from a template using the “Create a Document from a Template” Google Docs module. Its data is sourced from a stock market API and each doc has a summary of data gathered from the API service.

My goal is to take that Google Doc and put it into an Airtable attachment field as a PDF. The Airtable record would reference the same stock symbol as the Google Doc, and this particular Airtable record is referenced earlier in my Make sequence.

I keep having a problem with Airtable not easily mapping the Google Doc from the Google Docs module “Download a Document.” I have my Google Doc setup to download as a PDF.

When I try other apps, including Slack, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive, it maps easily. With Airtable, it shows me the result from the “Download a Document” module as the file name I created for the Google Doc, and then a field called Data with a long string of letters and numbers. Airtable won’t recognize this string, giving me an error in Make which asks for a file URL to upload the PDF from.

I’ve tried going to the source Google Doc “content download URL” data field but keep getting an error with that relating to access permissions, as the Google Doc is not shared publicly, and to my understanding, Airtable wants a public URL to grab this file from.

I’ve been using a workaround of uploading the downloaded Google Doc to OneDrive, to which it maps easily, and then mapping manually the OneDrive file to the Airtable attachment field. This has been functional, but I wish I didn’t have to download the document, then upload it to another service, and then grab the file from that second service to bring it into Airtable.

My main question I’m looking for answers on is…
Is there a more convenient way to map files from the Google Docs “Download a Document” module to an Airtable data field with the Airtable “Update a Record” module?

This is with a paid Google Workspace account and a paid OneDrive for Business account, along with the Airtable Business plan.

Hey @FouadAB
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If you want download link of any docs it should be uploaded on google drive.

If you create a document that doesn’t mean its uploaded on drive.

Just downloading the doc file will not work here.

First create the document then upload it on gdrive then that export=download link will work for you to upload in Airtable.

Sachin Shrivastava


This worked. Thank you very much for your assistance. It is very much appreciated.


Hey @FouadAB

Glad to know I could help you.
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I have now done that. Thank you!