Gmail attachments: Google Docs PDF from template and Airtable attachment fields

Hey there, I’m struggling to attach files to Gmail’s “Send an email”-action:

  1. Create a Google Doc from template
  2. Create a share link to attach to the Airtable record, download document doesn’t work here.
  3. Update the record
  4. Download a document to attach to Gmail. Neither the export/PDF link, share link or Airtable attachment are working. :frowning:
  5. Send the Gmail

  1. Is the above correct in terms of what is not working?
  2. How can I attach Airtable attachments to Gmail? (I got a separate scenario for that)

Thanks for your input!

Got one step further, one can attach Airtable files with a HTTP “Get a file”-module.

It seems rather cumbersome to handle multiple files in an iterator / aggregator:

It seems I don’t have control over the file names this way, neither did I manage to attach all three files to Gmail…


The easiest way is to specify the target structure type in the Array aggregator to be the “Attachments” structure from the “Gmail - Send an email” module.

Once you’ve done that, you will be able to specify the file names that you want.

Finally, in the Gmail module, map the array from the aggregator to the Gmail attachments.

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@JimTheMondayMan thanks for your input.

The aggregator is setup the way you describe it. (I just realized that switching to map, I can actually influence the file name - thanks for pointing this out. :slight_smile:)

The Gmail module is using the output and recognize that there should be multiple files.

But only one of the three files is attached.

Am I missing something here?


You need to turn on map at the higher level:

Then put the entire array there.

Jim - The Monday Man (YouTube Channel)
Watch Our Latest Video: Is the System Down or is it just me?
Contact me directly here: Contact – The Monday Man


Thanks @JimTheMondayMan!

I didn’t realize that this was possible, learned something new today. :slight_smile:

I’m working on combining this with attachments from other steps now.


Hi all, I’m new to Make. This thread was super helpful but I can’t seem to get all attachments in to one email to send to a service client. Here is what I’ve done so far:

I’m obviously missing something here, because of the Gmail module error. Any help would much appreciated.


Hi @Addison_Appliances,

You need to map the actual array in your Gmail attachment field. Right now you mapped the file name of the first item in the array.

Try to map this {{34.array}} in the attachment field. That should do the trick

Hey @loic.wiseflow,

I’m getting this as a reponse:


Sorry I am on my phone, try {{24.array}}

That’s ok, thanks for your help. I ran the scenario in full but it sent individual emails instead of one with multiple attachments.


That is another issue. From taking a look at the scenario overview you try to create several documents from google sheets row and send them as attachments in one email, correct?

In this case you need to remove the iterator. On your aggregator select your “google sheets - search rows” module as the source.