Alert management - Send errors to specific email or get the json payload

I want to add the errors or warnings received by via email, into a monitoring tool for alert management. The goal is that all the emails are going to the same tool, in my case Freshservice, where I can categorize the error type and convert it into a ticket.
To achieve that I need to configure or a webhook with the Json payload sent by or via email.

I am not able to see where to get the information. The other way, via email, for the moment all the emails are sent to all users, I can not find where to configure the email to sent the errors to a specific one.
Can you help me?
Thank you.

I had the same problem and a similar approach to solving it.
All errors go to an admin user who sends mails coming from make to a mail webhook (available in make) and the scenario then processes the error.

To the question:

The other way, via email, for the moment all the emails are sent to all users, I can not find where to configure the email to send the errors to a specific one.

So far I haven’t found a solution other than telling all users that they can/should turn off their notification in the account.

Need to dig. Had a seperate Integromat account for monitoring (added that user to the main account). The seperate account was connected to opsgenie (using an opsgenie email adress).

But after the upgrade… all gone !

But I still find it completly out-of-this world that they do not have a profesional monitoring system that can send alerts to alert platforms. runs enterprise level processes, but no way to monitor them !!!

I just upgrade, so need to dig into it agian so monitoring works again.

Easiest way is: create a recieving email in the alert platform (most can do that): (example).

Create a NEW FREE account with this email.

Then add this new account to the organisation you want alerts for (by sending an invite to the… you have to probaly copy/paste the content in the platform to get the confirmation link)).

Enable all notifications and now the alert platform will get all the notifications as well.
Next: setup filters in the alert platform to filter on whatever you want to create alerts for. And in opsgenie these a quite powerfull… I can even count in time ! (if more then 5 in the last hour then send an alert… try that in !).

Had this running for years in Integromat, works fine. Just setting it up again for make.
Hope they will at some point realize that you need to manage… …not by email but with a tool designed for it !

Hi @K-Eye_BV and @Levin , thanks a lot for your tips.
For the moment I used the email provided by the Alert system and added as a user in and it works fine, I receive all the emails and within my Alert system I am able to setup rules based in subject or description of the email. I will follow the suggestion of create a make account if this one stops working, but I think it should be fine. I will disable the notifications for the rest of users.
Thanks a lot both for your help!