All Notion formula values to zero


I’m using Notion’s “Search Objects” module to retrieve a database item in Notion. This item is filled with formulas calculating prices. The problem is that make transforms the result of all these formulas into zero. How can I find the exact value of my formulas in make?

Can you show me the formula used.

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To find the exact value of your formulas in Integromat, follow these steps:
Verify Field Mapping: Double-check the field mapping in the “Search Objects” module. Ensure that the field containing the calculated prices is correctly mapped in the output data. Confirm that the field name and data type are accurately represented.
Check Formula Formatting: Review the formulas in Notion that calculate the prices. Make sure the formulas are correctly written and that they are compatible with the syntax supported by Notion’s API.
Use “Get Object Details” Module: Instead of relying solely on the “Search Objects” module, introduce the “Get Object Details” module to retrieve the database item. This module provides more comprehensive information about the item, including the exact values of formulas and calculated prices.
Inspect Output Data: After implementing the “Get Object Details” module, examine the output data it provides. Look for the field that contains the calculated prices and check if the correct values are now being retrieved. Compare these values with the expected results from Notion.
If you continue to encounter difficulties or need further assistance, please let us know, and we’ll be happy to help you troubleshoot the issue.
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prop(“Montant Audit TTC”) + prop(“Prix DPE avant travaux TTC”) + prop(“Prix prise de cotes TTC”) + prop(“Prix dimensionnement chauffage TTC”) - prop(“Aides sans AMO”) - prop(“Aides AMO Seul”)

This is a formula summing the results of other formulas. I can retrieve the results of the other formulas in Make.