Notion : data not recognized by Make

Hello Dear Community,

I am attempting to set up a scenario that involves synchronizing a Google Sheets spreadsheet with a Notion database. Specifically, when a new item is created or updated in Notion, I want the scenario to transfer the relevant information to the Google Sheet.

So far, the process seems straightforward. However, I am encountering an issue related to bundles of data.

Within the Notion database, I am using a relation property, and unfortunately, the content of this property is not being recognized by Make.


To address this problem, I have created a new formula property in Notion to format this relation into a text string.


Despite this effort, the data is still not recognized by Make.

I would greatly appreciate any guidance on how to make this information recognizable by Integromat.

Thank you in advance for your help :slight_smile:

blueprint.json (92.8 KB)
bundle.json (30.1 KB)

Hello - does the Make bot have access to the related database “Entreprises”?

If not, try to add the bot to that database (from “Connections” > add connection) and check if that resolves the problem


Hi Simo,
Thanks for your reply.
The Make bot has access to this database. I checked this before, problem seems to come from elsewhere :confused:

Ah got it - and what do you see in Notion for that specific page in the module output in Make? What’s the value of the “Entreprise” property?



Here are the information of the output bundle of the notion “watch database item” module
Capture d'écran 2024-01-11 184810

What’s strange is that the value indicates “empty”, whereas all my database rows are linked to a company name …

Mh interesting - maybe you could try:

  1. Open the “Relation” array that has the “+” icon to on its left, right below “Type”. See if that contains the ID of the related item

  2. When you scroll down on the output bundle panel, you will likely see an expandable collection named “Properties Value” (screenshot). If you haven’t already, try expanding that and see if the relation property has a value
    Screenshot 2024-01-13 201008


Unfortunately, the propertie value for this relation is always empty (screenshot):

thanks again Simo for your help :slight_smile: