Google sheets to Notion database with relation property

Hi All,

I’m struggling with the following situation and would like to call on your expertise:

I have a Google Sheet with a customer database consisting of the following columns:

Company Name | Industry | Address | Phone | Email | First Name | Last Name | Position

I want to transfer this data to a Notion setup with 2 databases: Companies and Contacts.

The Contacts database has a relation property “Employer” linked to the Companies database.

Using Make, I want to transfer the data from the spreadsheet to Notion.

The module currently looks like this:

  1. Watch Google Sheets

  2. Notion Create database item in Companies

data is inserted into company database in Notion.
CompanyID is created.

  1. Notion Search Objects

Database “Bedrijf” (Notion). Equals Company name ( Bedrijfsnaam,Google sheets)

  1. Notion Create database item in Contacts

All Google-sheet fields are mapped

Employer : {{8.properties_value.CompanyID}}


[400] body failed validation:[0].id should be a string, instead was {“prefix”:null,“number”:73}.

Importing and mapping the individual databases goes fine, but I can’t manage to fill the relation property “Employer” (with company name).

Who can explain to me the best way to approach this? A link to YouTube or other online sources is also welcome.



Hi Henk, in your “Bedrijven” relation property, you may try mapping the “page id” / “database item id” from module #8, instead of the “CompanyID” property. I am suggesting this option because relation properties only accept page IDs in API requests. Let us know how that goes


Hi Simo,
That’s the fix. You are the hero of my day🏆