Gmail to Google Sheets to Notion

My ultimate goal is to move Gmail items with the Notion label applied into Notion. Because I am using a free account i thought i would do this in two scenarios. I successfully have it set up so that new gmails with Notion label populate a google sheet. However I am not able to get it from google sheet to Notion. There is a scenario to add database item from google sheet which i thought would solve this. I start with connecting to the google sheet, and once that is set up then i try setting up the Notion module. It lets me select my internal Notion connection, but then when i try and select my Notion database where the information should go, it just gives me all the fields in my google sheet, not a list of my databases to choose from. Where am i going wrong or am I taking the wrong approach?

To get the Notion database ID, use the “Search” button on the field highlighted in your screenshot, or you can add it manually by copy-pasting from the database URL in Notion (see Retrieve a database)