Link Notion Database to Google Sheets

I want to link all changes in my Notion Dataset to my Sheets on Google sheets. I tried before using a Notion Trigger to get the last update row then make recieve the json file from notion database and Add the variables in to sheets, but when I have to udpate the row i cant link the changed row in Notion to update the same row on sheets, because I can’t find the index’s Notion row to put in sheets module “Update a Row”.

I tryed another way to do this. But is more difficult, that was clear the sheets and get the all table from notion. But I dont know how to do this, can i get help?

Sorry, if my english isn’t good to understand, I am Brazillian :slight_smile: :brazil: :

For the first option, you could store the Google Sheet row ID in Notion as a property (by adding an “Update database item” Notion module at the end of your scenario)

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Hi @Danilo_Lapa ,

We’re unsure which filter you’re using to search the rows in Sheets. We can suggest one: You can use a unique ID for both Notion and Google Sheets. When updating or creating an item, you can check if the ID exists. If it does, you can update it; if not, you can create a new item in Sheets.

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