The linkage of customer database between Google sheet and Notion

Hello, everyone.
I am a new user of make, and sorry for the simple question.

I would like to link the customers database in Google sheet with Notion database with the real-time update
Below is my expected logic;

  1. Google sheet “Watch changes”
  2. Filter customer’s ID is existing or new.
  3. If new customer, Notion “Create a Database Item”.
  4. If existing customer, Notion “Search Objects” and “Update a database”.

But still I am not sure about the trigger should be “Watch changes” because I cannot understand what should be set as filtering value for “Seach Obejcts”.

If you have a similar scenario, could you advise me how should I do?

I appreciate your support.

Hi @Sho_Nakata,

Let me know if I am understanding this correctly, The filter after router, i.e New Customer or Existing Customers is based on whether NotionID is present in the GSheet, right?

What you want to do is, if the aforementioned filter is true then you don’t need to Search for Objects in Notion and directly use the Object ID in Update a Database. In your scenario, what you want to do after Create a Database is Update the GSheet row to include Notion Created Object ID by using Update a Row which will ensure that next time Watch Changes Module is triggered it will go to the Update Notion Route.

If it is otherwise and the objectID is not Notion then what you will need to do is,

In Search Objects on Notion Module, Use the Filter to Check the data against the value you have in GSheet. i.e If Email/Name equals in Notion Column(the dropdown in screenshot with Title) equals to Email/Name present in GSheet.

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I appreciate your reply.

I changed the structure of the scenario, like the picture, referring to your advice.
And I understand that your point is the Notion database and Google sheet database should have the same ID (ex. the number in column A).

But still, I am not sure about the setting of the field in “Update a database”
What should I fill in these blanks?

Thank you for kind advice!