The update of customer dashboard from Notion to Google spreadsheet

Hello, everyone.

I would like to link the customers database in Notion with Google spreadsheet database with the real-time update
Below is the scenario I made;

  1. Notion “Watch Database items”
  2. Google sheets “Search Rows” (Filter: Database item ID in Notion will be the key for filtering)
  3. Router, Total number of bundles is 0 or more.
  4. If this is more than 0, Google sheets “Update a Row”.
  5. If this is 0, Google sheets “Add a Row”.

It was successful to update the data from Notion to Spreadsheet at any time.
But when something in the Notion database is deleted to the blank, anything will be changed in Spreadsheet.

I guess my scenario cannot capture the change from “something” to “blank”.
Do you have any complementary way for my scenario?

Hello, in the Google Sheets modules, you could try to use the “ifempty()” function to override existing cells with blank values. For example:



Thanks, Simo!

I tried to use ifempty function like the below.
But when I delete some property, in the spreadsheet, the property has still remained.
If I see the input of Google sheet module, it looks like just the blank cell(column F) has not picked.

My usage of formula is correct?
I highly appreciate!!

Did you select emptyString from the helper functions in Make, or just typed {{emptyString}}? If the latter, try selecting emptyString from the Make functions and let us know how it goes

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I succeed with your advice!!

Thank you so much!!