Google sheets to Notion Database, avoiding duplication

Hello, I have a Google sheet which has a long list of URLs in it. I want this list to be sent to various client databases Notion as it is updated.

I have used the “Get range values (B:B)” function to get all cells in the Google sheets column and then send this to the appropriate column in the Notion database.
The problem arises when I run the scenario again, it sends all previous cells from column B into the Notion database. Ideally i want it to check the Notion database first and make sure that there is no data from column B that already exists and then only create new items for any cells in Column B (on the Google sheet) that are not already in the Notion Database.

Hi there.

In this case, if you are using the “Create a Database Item” module, I would suggest using the “Search Objects” module first. This module has an inbuilt filter so you can easily search for the database item by mapping the variable from the previous module into the filter with setting the desired condition. Then, use the filter to stop the flow in case the search module finds a match.

Simple example shown in the screenshots below: