Android: SMS - "Error while sending message to server: Unknown error"

I’ve downloaded and installed the unrestricted app on my Android phone. It can see events including SMS, but I get an error for each one saying: "“Error while sending message to server: Unknown error”.

Any ideas? Is it no longer supported? Thanks.

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Hello @Arthur_S_UK :wave:

Thanks for raising this here in the community :pray:

Could you please try the following? :arrow_down:

Please try to delete the Make app from your device, install it again, add a very new device to Make, set all the necessary permissions in the app, and allow it to run in the background, then add the newly created device into your scenario(s).

If that does not do the trick for you, could you please open a ticket with our support team? They are equipped with the right tools and accesses to be able to dive deeper into this and properly investigate.

Thank you :pray:

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