Another date time parse issue

Need to parse datetime in this format from a string “5 Mar 2024 5:01 PM” so I can set google calendar events. The value comes from a webhook and the field name is Appointment_Date_Time.

Variable Value Used: (See screenshot)
{{parseDate(1.Appointment_Date_Time; " D MMM YYYY h:mm A")}}



Failed to map ‘value’: Function ‘parseDate’ finished with error! ‘15 Mar 2024 5:00 PM’ is not a valid date or does not match the date format.



Automatic error handler

If you want to handle this error automatically, choose one of the following options. This will create a new error-handler route in your scenario. You can then expand the route in any way you like.

Ignore all errors
Ignore errors of type DataError

Output from Webhook:
“Address”: “712 Rossmore Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15226, USA”,
“Link_to_Podio”: “Login | Podio”,
“Name”: “Gabriel Guerra”,
“Phone”: “work:+14129323555,work:+14126669999”,
“Email”: “”,
“Zillow”: “,-Pittsburgh,-PA-15226,-USA_rb”,
“ARV”: “”,
“As_is”: “”,
“Type”: “Single Family”,
“Bedrooms”: “3”,
“Bathrooms”: “2”,
“Sqft”: “1990”,
“Contract_Price”: “150,000.00”,
“Contract_Type”: “Cash”,
“Exit_Strategy”: “Assignment”,
“EMD”: “100.00”,
“Contract_Signed_Date”: “25 Apr 2024”,
“Due_Diligence_Date”: “27 Apr 2024”,
“Closing_Date”: “30 Apr 2024”,
“Additional_Terms”: “\nDude is super cool. \n”,
“Acquisition_Notes”: “\nThis man wanst to sell. Hella thirsty\n”,
“Notes_to_TC_Dispo_from_ACQ”: “\nwow. more sellers should be like this\n”,
“Appointment_Date_Time”: “15 Mar 2024 5:00 PM”,


I think the issue has been solved. I had an extra space


Hello there @faizi :wave:

Great to hear that you’re not expeiriencing this issue anymore. Also thanks a lot for keeping us updated.

Keep up the great job! :muscle:

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