Any AI Video Summary platforms?

Hi dear Makers!

Does anybody have experience with AI for video summary, which are integrated with Make?

Thank you!

If you can get subtitles (auto or manually generated) then there are plenty of summarization tools.

But if you’re looking to summarize the images that’s a tougher call!


There is no problem for image recognition and summarization, GPT- with vision does this job easily. But it can not understand video. Probably, an app that can extract still frames from the video could be the solution … Send them to GPT and ask to describe etc.

The solution was to use Transloadit to create a thumbnail for the video, and then to work with the thumbnail to generate the text.

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Hello there @kaidano :wave:

Awesome to hear that you managed to make this work :clap:

Thanks so much for taking the time to step back into the community and for sharing your final setup with us. This is super valuable stuff :pray: