Any tips for and ArcGIS Online integrations?

Hello, I am new to the Maker community. Thanks for having me!

I have a few scenarios built that integrate Survey123 (an ESRI product) with Google Sheets, Excel, and GMail and/or Microsoft365. So, I’m good there.

But I have a client who uses to track their project costs. However, they keep track of the spatial data of their projects in an ArcGIS Online hosted feature layer. They would like to link the two so that any changes implemented in will transfer over to the hosted feature layer and vice versa.

Before I embark on creating any scenarios, does anyone have any tips/tricks?

FYI - I know nothing about I’m well versed in ArcGIS Online, Survey123, and ArcGIS Pro.

Thanks in advance!

Why not search this community for You’ll find a ton of posts. It’s a very popular integration in Make.

Thanks for the link! I’ll review the material there.


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