Intro - MONDAY No Code Automation Learning Series

We are super excited to Launch Monday no-code automation learning series using Make (formerly Integromat) platform.

Become smarter & faster in Monday Tasks by spending a few minutes with us. You will learn

  1. Automate a wide range of Monday clerical and complex tasks
  2. Set up the connection between Monday and Make
  3. Connect Monday to 1000+ Apps
  4. Create logical automation workflows (beyond just integration)
  5. Automate various daily use business cases (changed automation to automate)
  6. Smart tips and tricks

And Remember this is 100% Free. ARE YOU EXCITED and READY TO LEARN?

Video link:

Here is our magic link for our subscribers to get 10,000 operations free on MAKE: Sign up | Make HQ

Got any questions? Ask us in the comments.

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