No-code & automation meetup today! Virtual

In case you want to meet other nocoders & automation experts, you’re welcome to join our virtual nocode meetup today!

The idea is to chat anything nocode: discuss automation tales, share what is working for you by integrating different no-code tools, and learn about things that other no-coders are doing.

The next no-code coworking session is today, 9pm Thailand / 4pm Europe / 10am EST / 9am Central

Here’s the link to RSVP to the next Nocode virtual coworking session

PS: I’m going to do these every week, so even if you can’t make it today, you can RSVP for the other weeks so you get a reminder on your email


Reminder: we are doing our weekly meetup today again!
if you want to meet and chat with other nocoders, join here: Nocode virtual coworking session

Pic from last week’s meetup :slight_smile: