API GET results is limited to 50 results, how to get all of them?

It is the first time I have a limited result in the api, although I receive total number of results, I get only part of them as output. Any ideas how can I get all of them?
Zrzut ekranu 2023-03-13 o 19.42.17

@Kamil This is called pagination.
Depending on the API you are calling, you need to call the next API result to get the next part. This you have to do until you have everything.

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HI @Kamil

You need to apply pagination to get the desired result.

Refer to the below link for your reference:

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That’s the thing , I dont know how to ask for next part. There is no info on pagination in the API documentation. I was thinking there is an universal solution for this. Any help?

You are not being very descriptive @Kamil. Without us knowing what kind of API you are talking about, and the API documentation…it’s very hard for us to help you :wink:

Some general things you can do:

  • Look in the API documentation and make sure its not in there
  • Contact their support team and ask about it
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I am using Make.com Bitrix24 Call Api Module, using /user.get , unfortunately In the documentation there is nothing about pagination, neither about results limit in this query.
this is bitrxi24 documentation : General Information
What is more, I cannot contact their support if I am not a registered developer.
I thought there are some general solutions for this, I have read the pagination tutorial from the link, but I dont know how to pass the information about which part of the results I want to get during another cycle.
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