Google Analytics Limiting the Number of Results


Does anyone know how to limit the number of results that get returned in the Google Analytics module?

I’m trying to see top 10 landing pages for a given date range. The system has a “Sampling Level” setting that still returns thousands of records when set to “small”. I only need the top 10. I tried using “Limit” and some other standard filters, but am having no luck. Any ideas?

It can be done via max-results param in API and it seems to be not present in Make App. Maybe you can try doing that using Make an API instead of using Get Analytics Reports module.

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Thanks @Runcorn . Ya, I tried max-results in all the fields but no luck on that in the Get Analytics Reports. I would hate to have to switch out that module in all of my scenarios, but maybe I will have to…or just let the system return thousands of results in each query :slight_smile:

For this though, Operation wise it won’t matter in make end as long as you have filter to just pick top 10 results, as I believe you have added sorting to GA reports.

Not sure how it impacts the GA quota, which I don’t think will matter though. You can just add a filter to make sure that you are picking top 10 results only.

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@Runcorn Yes. Thank you for that. I do have a filter to only provide top 10…it’s just annoying for troubleshooting to have thousands of bundles returned on each simple query. Thank you for the help though!