API responding back not ok and causing error. How can I fix

My scenario is getting an rss feed, store some content in google sheets and the sending to rapidapi to scrape some things before storing back in sheets. However the http function is returning an extra record saying “it’s not ok” . I was hoping you could help me with that because iI’m getting an error on the last sheet because there is no matching row to update .

Not much of an api genius. Just need to figure out how to handle this extra out. I have attached the output bundles for 1 and 3 (1 and 2 are same type and 3 is the extra error)
Output Bundle 1.json (6.6 KB)
Output Bundle 3.json (1.4 KB)
Also I removed the real api key so it wouldn’t be in screenshot . The real api key is working just fine.

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Could you just add a filter to prevent processing of this extra record?

It looks like you’ve never created a filter before, just click on the three dots between modules to add one!


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Sounds great. I’ll look into that and get that done.