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dentro de una pagina debo hacer llenar un formulario para buscar informacion para scrapear, como hago para hacer la seleccion de pais y prueba

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You can inspect the network requests using your web browser’s developer console.

After selecting a country, for example, you can see that it returns a URL with query parameters like this:

You can then put this in a HTTP “Make a request” module to get the page’s source code.

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I just wanted to remind you that the only language of our community is English. By keeping the content in one language we give everybody the chance to share their thoughts and ideas.

Here’s your translated question:

inside a page I have to fill out a form to search for information to scrape, how do I make the selection of country and test?

Thanks for understanding! :wave:

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Hi @navarroalejo

You can use the below URL in the HTTP Module “Make a Request” to solve your issue:

Make sure you input the parameters properly.

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