App w/ module that can add Item to inventory & create payment link


  • There are ~1,000 products on my website
  • Attempting to use a free checkout solution (e.g. Stripe, SquareUp)
  • Ideally I’d be able to create a product from my Notion Database information, then create a Payment Link to save in my Database and Add to the Webflow CMS Product URL Field

I’ve Tried

  • I do not understand and am not at this moment trying to learn how to use the ‘Make Any API Call’ options. I’ve tried a few times unsuccessfully, have a tight timeline, and a client who would rather be able to also understand much like they do all the other scenarios automated for the brand
  • I’m strapped for cash, and honestly all of the e-commerce apps are wildly expensive considering I’ve easily created all the Items quickly in my Webflow Collection CMS and just need to add a Payment Link which services offer for virtually free
  • Initially I tried the Webflow E-commerce Upgrade but their “count” of items towards the limit is not as simple as 1 CMS item = 1 Product and I ran out < 200 products added and would have ad to upgrade 2 more tiers to finish the webs design, which when complete, will be moved off Webflow to host somewhere cheaper which makes placing products as standard Collection CMS items with a payment link the simplest future-proof method
  • Both the Stripe and SquareUp do not have an option to add Item inventory or create payment links built into the Make module
  • Additionally Stripe does not allow creation of Items on their platform via CSV
  • SquareUp allows creation of CSV items on their platform but is limited; cannot add images or create payment links automatically and doesn’t export payment links for me to create them all and then automate mapping from Sheets to Databases
  • I did see users mention an app called “Mollie” where the comments read as if the Module had the options I’m looking for, but after seeing on their website that the payment fee for those outside of the EU is over 3% figured I’d post here

Does anyone know of other options or apps that do what the Stripe and SquareUp apps do and have those features set up in the module?

I’m currently setting up in SquareUp — adding image, setting inventory, and creating Payment Links — manually. Obviously wildly time consuming, particularly when everything else is automated and because the items being sold have only a quantity of 1, I’m going to need to complete this process, adding new items, at least monthly. Every single aspect of that process is already automated. To make matters worse, SquareUp has a feature that should create a Payment Link right on the Item Page automatically, but it does not work and I haven’t heard back from their customer service for days. Not that it would automate things but it would sure make this task faster.