Apple Contacts to Notion Database

Hi - I am looking to create a closed loop through my apple contacts and notion CRM database. Has anyone successfully done this? Or have any ideas on how to do this. I have tried a few scenarios but can’t quite get it right.

Hello @Nyk_Allen,

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What have you tried so far?

The only way I know to get contacts from iPhone to Make is through the Make iOS app.
There are a couple problems with it that I know of:

  1. There is no index or primary field attached to contacts so preventing duplicates will be a bit challenging. For example, if you use email, then if a contact changes their email they’ll be treated as a new contact unless you’re able to compare more data points.
  2. Only adding and updating contacts will trigger a change. If you delete, the app and module don’t detect that.

If you were to use something like Google Contacts, those have IDs so when something changes you’d be able to change a corresponding record in Notion.

Likewise, if something in Notion changes, in theory, you’d also be able to change the corresponding Google Contact, so long as changes are synced in the order in which they occur.

On your iPhone, select your Google account as the default account for created contacts.