Sync Apple Contacts to a Notion Database

Hi All.

I’m fairly new to Make. I am trying to sync Apple Contacts to my Notion Client Database (a single way sync will suffice for now). I have a “watch contacts” on the Apple side of things, and a “create a database item” on the Notion side of things.

I can successfully link to my Apple iPhone Contacts. I can also successfully link to my Notion Database.

I placed the Notion “Create a Database Item” Module in a Scenario, there is an option to “Enter a Database ID” and “Select from the List”. The issue is that nothing shows in a List. I followed some instructions via the website that suggest disconnecting the database and reconnect the database, but that doesn’t seem to rectify the issue. So this doesn’t seem to work correctly.

If I select “Enter Manually” I don’t know where to find the Database ID???

Can anyone please help? I am totally lost.


the database id will usually be in the URL of notion (web) if you navigate to the db page (not views, THE page)

like this:

Hey, How are you managing deletion? I can’t find a Delete Apple Contact trigger.