Show Notion Databases

Why does this not show my databases? Instead it tries to populate with information from another connection. The UI suggests that I should be able to select a Notion Database from the list, but nothing seems to happen except this context menu with specialized functions. I could try to get the Database ID manually, but I have no idea how to do that from within Notion, and why should I when I’ve already made the connection to my Notion account? What on earth am I missing?

Okay, through guessing, I was able to copy some id from a Notion URL and try that.

I think I get it, you have to have some understanding of the connection’s data architecture to know what to do when you want to make a page.

My only issue is that it just doesn’t populate that list of database IDs!

Hi @Matt_Gardner ,

Have you tried this one below? once you click ok on the query(blank) then it will open a box with all the accessible databases: