Path database ID from prior module

Hi all!

Struggling to “Create Database Item” in Notion using Database ID.

Choosing “Select from list” and then using the “Database ID” from prior “Get Database” module, but it’s not resolving. Any ideas? Tried manual search but then the properties don’t map.

mapping that database ID from the previous module doesn’t work well in Make, in my experience too. The best way you could find your database is by clicking on the “Search” button in the “Database ID” field, and typing the name of your database there. Make will then add the database ID automatically (if the database is correctly shared with the bot). And then all the properties should show up there.

If that doesn’t work, you can go to your Notion database, and copy the database ID manually from the URL (the highlighted text in the picture is the database ID).

Let us know how it goes.