Notion database ID is not visible

Hello everyone,

I am trying to connect Make to my Notion account but the database ID is not visible in my make module.

I followed all the steps of another topic (database id not found) but my problem isn’t solved.

  • I created an connexion in my notion account, giving all the access
  • I connected my make module to notion with the API key
  • I went back to Notion to give access to my specific pages (which doesn’t have any parent page)

And i get the error message : Could not find database with ID

Thanks in advance for your help !

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Did you input the database ID manually, or mapped from some other module?

If you use the “Search” option in the “Database ID” section of your Notion module in Make > and then type the database name - does Make find the database?


Hi there, I have the same issue.
I followed all the step mentionned in the guide.
I’m pretty sure the issue comes from the connexion from notion

Same here, “Error, no matches found” even though I put the right Database ID ans my connexion between notion and make is valid

Is it possible to have someone from Make to book a call or something ?

Hi, for reference, here is the official Make guide to connecting Notion and Make:

If after following all those steps your connection still doesn’t work, let’s see if we could resolve this directly here, or whether it is a bug/there is something inherently wrong with the Make module/Notion API.

In such a case, could you provide screenshots/text of:

  1. The database ID you are inputting in the Make module
  2. Which Make module you are using
  3. The “Connections” menu in the Notion database you are using