error: Notion - Database ID not found

See video:

Error: [404] Could not find database with ID: 31a09886-e978-46fd-a3bd-47151ca718c3. Make sure the relevant pages and databases are shared with your integration.

I followed the instructions here on how to integrate with Make: How to Create Notion Database Items and Pages with Make

Hi There!

Can you please let me know if you have Notion internal or public connection?

If it is Internal, I recommend you try Notion Public Connection.

I would recommend trying to create a very new connection and making sure you select all the capabilities.

Once you connect with Public connection, try searching the Database then and see how it goes.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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tried both. not working

all good . figured it out… turns out i was trying to access data from a linked view which wont work at all. should be the actual database

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